Our Lady of Europe

“May Our Lady of Europe give fresh impetus to prayer for the spiritual well-being of Europe’s people and notions. May the Church in Gibraltar ever experience the loving closeness and protection of the great Mother of God.”

Pope John Paul II

“May the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe continue to be a House of prayer and devotion. May we fulfil the successive requests from the Chair of Peter to commend Gibraltar and Europe to the loving embrace of Our Lady of Europe.”


The late Bishop Charles Caruana

“Our Lady of Europe has watched over the efforts of countless men and women undertaking hazardous journeys in order to spread the news of God’s Kingdom to people in far-off lands. In the present day, her intercession is especially needed for a spiritual renewal of Europe, in order that its Christian heritage may continue to be properly valued and appreciated in this third millennium. I pray with you, and with all the pilgrims who visit the Shrine, that their faith may be deepened and that Our Lady of Europe will lead them to a greater knowledge and love of her Son, our risen Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.”

Pope Benedict XVI

The Popes and Our Lady of Europe:
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“Sub tuum Praesidium:

     We fly to your Protection”

No other words better explain the 'reasoning' behind this site than the quoted phrase above. It gives an indication of how many, in this small world of ours, seek refuge, counsel and comfort in Our Lady.


Here in Gibraltar, we venerate her under the title of Our Lady of Europe.


We trust that these pages may be helpful. But, in a special way, we petition to Our Lady of Europe for her graceful protection over the whole land. May Europe be nurtured and sustained by Our Lord's words and deeds. Perhaps more in these unquiet times, when we need, all the more, a sure hope and a safe port. In so doing, maybe, we could make this great continent happier and stronger.


The late Mgr Charles Caruana, Bishop of Gibraltar at the time, proudly holds the Golden Rose which was awarded to the Shrine by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in May 2009, as part of the 700th Anniversary Celebrations, and presented by Jose Cardinal Saraiva Martins, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

The Shrine’s Rector Mgr Charles Azzopardi is in the background.

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