Our Lady of Europe

Concelebration of the Eucharist in the large Marquee near the Shrine on 10th May 1997.

The newly refurbished Shrine

Bishop Devlin holds the golden chalice presented to the Shrine by Cardinal Tomko on behalf of Pope John Paul II, after the concelebrated outdoor Mass held on 10th May 1997.

A short History of the Shrine (Continued)

In time, the Shrine became fully worthy of prayer services. On the eve of his departure to attend the Second Vatican Council in Rome, Bishop Healy, Bishop of Gibraltar at the time, celebrated the Holy Eucharist there. This Mass, celebrated on 28th September 1962, was the first one to be held there for two hundred and fifty eight years.

Bishop Rapallo, who succeeded Bishop Healy, consecrated the Shrine on 5th October 1980. He successfully petitioned Rome to establish Our Lady of Europe as Principal Patroness of Gibraltar, and later to have the feast day of Our Lady of Europe on the 5th May, the same day as the annual Europe Day.

In 1994, the Government of Gibraltar obtained European funding and partly financed the expansion and refurbishment of the Shrine. The Shrine's simple architecture, though refurbished, maintains some Arabic "mosque" features. Once works were completed, Bishop Bernard Devlin organised the Enthronement of Our Lady of Europe in her newly embellished Shrine. The Papal Envoy Cardinal Josef Tomko, presided over the outdoor concelebrated Mass and Enthronement ceremony, held on May 10, 1997.

In 2006, Bishop Charles Caruana, who succeeded Bishop Devlin, accepted a proposal that the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe be included in the European Marian Network.

In May 2009 during the 700th Anniversary Jubilee celebrations, Pope Benedict XVI presented the Shrine with the Golden Rose award.

In September 2010, the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe hosted the 2010 Annual Conference of the European Marian Network.

The World Youth Day Cross & Icon were taken in procession to the Shrine in April 2011, during its 3-day stay in Gibraltar.