Our Lady of Europe

Aims of the Confraternity

A Confraternity of Our Lady of Europe was established in the sixteenth century with the objective of disseminating the devotion, raising funds and organising spiritual and social events around the celebrations of Our Lady.  The Confraternity played a vital role in restoring the Shrine and the badly mutilated statue of Our Lady of Europe following plundering of the Shrine in the year 1540.

One of the last wishes of the late Bishop Charles Caruana was to see the Confraternity re-established, in line with other National Marian Shrines.

The Confraternity was re-launched in December 2010, by the Shrine’s Rector, Mgr Charles Azzoppardi, on the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

The main aims of the Confraternity are:

- to promote true devotion to Our Lady (under the title of Our Lady of Europe)

- to pray for the Continent of Europe

- to pray for the work of the Shrine and to support the activities at the Shrine

- to assist financially with the upkeep of the Shrine and its Marian apostolate.

Members of the Confraternity are encouraged to deepen their devotion to Our Lady by joining their daily prayers with those of other members, and to support with their prayers the life and witness of the Shrine. They will be able to share in the weekly Mass at the Shrine and in special Masses offered for members and their families. Holy Mass is offered for deceased members on the last Saturday of the each month.

Members receive a Confraternity insignia and a prayer book. A Register of Members is kept at the Shrine. There is no fixed membership fee but a yearly financial donation is welcome.

Non-residents are welcome to become members of the Confraternity and enjoy the spiritual benefits.

Priests and Religious may also become members (no financial donation required) and are encouraged to offer Masses and prayers for the aims of the Confraternity.  


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