Our Lady of Europe

Mgr Charles Azzopardi
Rector’s Page

Dear Visitor


Permit me to take a brief moment of your valuable time to share some brief words. Sometimes, using too many words just complicates the real message!

Firstly, welcome! Your visit to this site is sincerely appreciated. We have taken a while in re-launching this site but I trust it has all been worthwhile. Whilst we have endeavoured to promote devotion to Our Lady of Europe, we have also borne in mind the prized message of the "Gospel" as a top priority; you will always find Mary with Jesus.

Towards this end, I hope that the look and feel of the site aids in the Shrine's Message -after all, the content is what is important! Yet, if we can present the "Shrine's Prayerful Song" in an appealing and respectful format, our aims can then truly be "in progress". You, dear visitor, can be the only judge.

The content is wide and varied. It is difficult to precisely pin-point everything that visitors will look for. So we have included information from a historical background to the Shrine's own spirituality. Add to this, other facilities and services that will create community and rapport. Please note, that we may also have inadvertently omitted or not gone deep enough in certain issues. If that is the case, just let me know. Many hiccups are sometimes tackled by sheer 'trial and error'.

I would like to highlight that throughout 2008-2009 we celebrated our 700th Jubilee of devotion to Our Lady of Europe in Gibraltar. It is wonderful to feel protected by Our Lady's intercession! We commended Europe and Gibraltar to Our Lady; that She may also guide us in directing our much loved Shrine according to God's will.


In September 2010, the Shrine hosted the 2010 Annual Conference of the European Marian Network.

Well, I said I was going to be brief so I'll keep to my word. Just one last thing. This site will be a success if both of us, not only frequent this site, but also, make the Shrine's message our own. Only then, can we have found success! If we can derive a little happiness on the way... all the better!

With my best intentions
In Christ


Fr. Charlie